Smart Screen Filter

Smart Screen Filter

Easy to use Screen Filter :

Ever felt the brightness of your device is still harsh while reading a book or watching a movie, and wanted to control screen appearance based on your need, you can do that now with easy to use “Smart Screen Filter”

Our screen filter is applied to notification area as well as the soft key buttons area (on android 4.4 and supported apps only), it will help you to disable soft key backlight on some phones (its experimental feature)

– Just open the app, enable it and select overlay color
– You can change the trigger area on screen to be Top-Left or Top-Right, when you change setting you will see the trigger area highlighted
– When swiping in on that section, you will get the filter level slider, you can change filter level from anywhere on any application
– It works on landscape and portrait modes even with fullscreen apps.
– You can open settings of app by clicking app notification on notification drawer
– You can easily disable filter by setting level to 0, if you want to close the app, just click the close icon on notification drawer.

Screenshots :

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