Smart Floating Clock – Android App from Urva TechLabs

Smart Floating Clock

Smart Floating Clock is now available on Google Play Store :

It’s Smart because the Clock stays on top, still you can click through it!

Features :

– A text only clock stays always on top, floating
– When its set to not moveable, you can click through it.
– Text size, color and position can be customized
– You can select to show AM/PM
– You can select 24 Hrs or 12Hrs format
– Date can be visible or hidden
– Date color and format can be changed, we have many date format options available
– Automagically manages its position in landscape and portrait modes.
– You can open settings, toggle clock mode to make it moveable or not or close the clock directly from notification
– Ongoing notification is must to keep the clock alive, if you disable it, clock will be closed anytime.
– If you messed up the position of the clock or want to reset your changes, just click on reset all settings!

Screenshots :


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